The IKF has today announced the information for the live streaming of matches for the upcoming World Games. All matches for the first 4 days (pool games and cross-over matches) will be broadcast on the official IKF YouTube channel and on the World Korfball site, which also includes a live text feed and up to date match statistics. The live streams are also available on the Korfball Australia site, through the National Team hub. The live stream broadcaster for the finals is yet to be announced, but will either be the IKF YouTube channel/World Korfball, the International World Games Association Channel, or possibly even the Olympic Channel, both of which have videos and news on all the sports included in the World Games, not just Korfball. These matches will be available through the Korfball Australia site too.


So far, only the pool match videos have been released, and the videos for the cross-over matches will be released once participants are known.


All pool match live streams are available on the match information pages, accessible through the National Team hub. Simply click on the relevant match, and the video will be front and centre. Videos will remain on these pages indefinitely, so if you happen to miss a match, they’ll still be available later. Cross-over and finals matches will be added to their respective pages as soon as the videos are released. Australian matches can be found on the homepage, in the Matches block on the National Team hub, and the next match is available in the countdown at the bottom of every page on the entire site. All World Games matches (including the Australian games) can also be found further down the National Team page.


Australia’s first match is against Belguim on the morning of the 22nd, unfortunately at 4:15 (ACST). However, the next two matches are at the more friendly time of 9:00 PM, on the 22nd (China) and 23rd (Netherlands). Make sure you tune in, these are sure to be well worth watching.