2023 National Club Championships Timetable Released

By |2023-06-07T20:52:47+09:30June 7th, 2023|National Championships|

The timetable for the upcoming 2023 Korfball Australia National Club Championships has been officially released. The timetable can be found on the National Club Championships hub, which has been updated for the upcoming tournament. This hub is your one-stop shop for all schedules, results, and ladders over the weekend, and will be updated after [...]

U21 2023 AOKC Team Announced

By |2023-06-06T18:34:09+09:30June 6th, 2023|National Team|

Korfball Australia is pleased to announce that the team for the upcoming 2023 U21 Asia-Oceania Korfball Championships has been selected. The tournament, to be played in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia, kicks off on the 8th of August, and runs until the the 13th of August. As has been previously announced, Tim Miller will lead [...]

2023 NCC/AGM – Updates

By |2023-06-02T20:01:17+09:30June 2nd, 2023|National Championships|

With the 2023 National Club Championships fast approaching, Korfball Australia is pleased to share a few updates around this event. AGM As has been previously announced, the 2023 Korfball Australia AGM will be held in conjunction with the National Club Championships. Relevant documents have also been shared with the associated State and Regional Bodies [...]

2023 National Club Championships – Venue Confirmed

By |2023-05-18T16:51:47+09:30May 18th, 2023|National Championships|

Following the recent confirmation of a venue, Korfball Australia is pleased to announce that the 2023 National Club Championships will be held on the 10th and 11th of June, in Adelaide, South Australia, in line with the announcement following last years AGM. The venue for the tournament is Springbank Sports Centre, (formerly/also known as [...]

National Squads – Managers Called for at All Levels

By |2023-05-04T18:01:41+09:30May 1st, 2023|National Team|

Following the reforming of both the Open and Youth Squads, both with tournaments later this year, it's time to begin the process of building out the management team of each Squad. To this end, Korfball Australia is calling for expressions of interest from those individuals interested in becoming team managers within each squad. There [...]

National Squad – Regional Assistant Coach Appointed

By |2023-04-16T11:57:44+09:30April 16th, 2023|National Team|

Korfball Australia is pleased to today announce the appointment of Paul Adams to the National Squad Coaching Team as we continue to build towards the 2023 World Korfball Championships. Paul has accepted the position of Regional Assistant Coach, and will manage trainings for the South Australian component of the squad, outside of the training [...]

National Open Squad – Expressions of Interest, WKC 2023

By |2023-03-01T07:23:02+10:30March 1st, 2023|National Team|

Following the recent announcement of the reappointment of the coaching team following a successful 2022 AOKC campaign, the time has come to call for players to express an interest in being eligible for selection for the 2023 WKC, to be held in Chinese Taipei in October. An expression of interest form is below. Please [...]

National Coaches Re-Appointed

By |2023-02-06T18:01:16+10:30February 6th, 2023|National Team|

Korfball Australia is pleased to announce the re-appointment of the National Team Coaches following a successful AOKC last year. This sees Isabel Teixeira return as Head Coach, with Warren Frederickson returning as Senior Assistant Coach. We're delighted that both have accepted the offers presented to them, and are looking forward to working with them [...]

National Beach Korfball Championships Announced

By |2023-03-09T21:31:48+10:30January 20th, 2023|Beach|

It gives Korfball Australia great pleasure to announce the launch of the inaugural Beach Korfball National Championships, to be held on Saturday, March 11 on the picturesque Glenelg Foreshore. All matches will be held on a single day, with plenty of food and drink options available within a short walk at Glenelg, in keeping with [...]

AOKC 2022 Players Diary – Day 8

By |2022-12-04T12:12:49+10:30December 4th, 2022|Players Diary|

Hello! This is day 8 of the player diary. Many players said that this was the first morning that their alarms had actually woken them up. Maybe we are finally getting used to the Timezone! We headed down to the buffet for some breakky before heading out for a light, shoot-around training session. We [...]

AOKC 2022 Players Diary – Day 7

By |2022-12-03T09:24:55+10:30December 3rd, 2022|Players Diary|

Yo yo yo peeps welcome to the day 7 diary, jeez can't believe we've been here for a week already. The day started off with a much deserved sleep in and all the euphoria from having a nice bevrigino and some western food for Bmans b'day worn off. It was a usual start to [...]

AOKC 2022 Players Diary – Day 6

By |2022-12-02T14:56:21+10:30December 2nd, 2022|Players Diary|

Hello!! Welcome to day 6. We were all very excited this morning as it was our lovely Bman’s birthday! 30, flirty and thriving. ALSO excited for the big game against Japan. We started the morning with a slightly later breakfast at 9 where we had our usual selection and some cheeky coco puffs. After [...]

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