ACN Mobile Deals – $40 Vodafone Deals

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As part of Korfball Australia's partnership with ACN, we're able to bring you fantastic deals from time to time. As much as these deals help you, they also help Korfball Australia, and allow for an increase in support for our current athletes at all levels, from National Team funding right through to helping run school [...]

Korfball Australia ACN Store

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Korfball is a small sport, particuarly in the crowded Australian sporting landscape, and as such, funding can be a problem at times. However, thanks to Korfball Australia's partnership with ACN, you can help change that.   Korfball Australia has teamed up with ACN to bring you services such as home phones, mobile phones, internet (including NBN), [...]

Amart Sports Community Kickbacks

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Korfball Australia has signed up for the Amart Sports Community Kickbacks program. For every $$ spent at any Amart Sports store, Korfball Australia get 5% back. Just sign up for a Team Amart Card in store (if you don’t already have one) and link to account 0705002156. It’s that easy! More information can be found [...]