Following the announcement from the IKF of an expanded 2024 Beach Korfball calendar, and Australia’s successful entry into international Beach Korfball events in 2023, Korfball Australia is seeking expressions of interest from coaches and players to build an international Beach Korfball program for 2024 and beyond.

2024 will see a World Beach Korfball Championships, to be played in Pattaya, Thailand, between April 26-28, as well as two World Cup events, in Europe (likely August) and Asia (likely December). Additionally, Beach Korfball has been added to the World Games for 2025, to be held in Chengdu, China. Qualification for the World Games is based on attendance at the World Championships, and performance/rankings across all international Beach Korfball events (or by winning the World Championships). As such, Korfball Australia is seeking to send the strongest possible teams to all events.

It is important to note that, as well as (and due to) involvement at these events being at the participants expense, there is no expectation or obligation for players, and indeed coaches, to be involved in each event. On each nomination form (links below), please indicate which events you are interested in. The requirements for players are simple: simply be over the age of 16 as of the first day of the tournament, and be eligible to play for Australia (check here). Selection criteria and timelines will be established by the coach once appointed, and will be shared to all interested players. A preliminary role description for coaches appears below. Coaching appointment(s) will hopefully be made in early January, and so we do request expressions of interest for this role are submitted ASAP. Player expression of interest will remain open indefinitely due to the events later in the year, but for those interested in World Championship participation, we would suggest not delaying in submitting your interest form. Deadlines for expression of interest will be communicated in consultation with the appointed coach.

Players Expression of Interest Form

Coaching Expression of Interest Form

Coaching Role Description

As this is new role, it will be for applicants to outline what they envisage the specifics of this role to be during the interview process, and how that is to be achieved. Broadly speaking, Korfball Australia is seeking at least a Head Coach/Program Director, who will oversee the building and training of a squad (or an individual squad per event, in negotiation with Korfball Australia) including timelines and schedules, appointment of a support team and development and implementation of selection criteria, all in liaison with and with the support of the Korfball Australia Board. While it would be preferable for this individual to travel to coach at each event, there is an understanding this is likely to be an unrealistic proposition. As such, we would prefer for the primary coach to be available to travel at least to the World Championships, with deputies appointed for other events, although this, like all aspects of the role, is negotiable. Expression of interest are available for the Head Coach/Program Manager role, as well as Assistant roles. The appointment would be for the 2024 calendar year, with potential reappointment in 2025 after consultation with and by the Korfball Australia Board.