With the Opening Ceremony being held last night, the World Games is officially underway! In light of this, we are pleased to be able to offer for download the Official World Games Handbook. With everything from welcome letters from dignitaries, to information on Wroclaw itself, as well as World Games event information, it’s well worth a read, particularity for anyone in Wroclaw to support the National Team.


Due to the size of the original, we’ve had to offer the Handbook in two separate downloads. The first is generic World Games information, including a list of sight-seeing attractions in Wroclaw, marketing and ticking details, and the Athlete of the Day competition. The World Games portion of the Handbook can be downloaded here.


The second half of the booklet includes a Korfball specific section, including venue information and the training and competition schedule. Additionally, some appendices from the first section can be found in the second half, including a map showing all competition venues in Wroclaw, and a whats-on-where schedule for all sports included in the World Games. The Korfball and appendices section of the Handbook can be downloaded here.


Hopefully the information available within this Handbook makes your time supporting the National Team more enjoyable.