Korfball Australia is pleased to today announce the appointment of a new National Team Coach, and a new National Youth Squad Head Coach. These appointments are part of the ongoing rebuild of the National Program following the recent enforced hiatus.

Helen Searle, as National Program Director, has recommended these appointments following an exhaustive application, review, interview and research process, appointments which the Board have approved and the candidates have accepted. As such, we are delighted to announce that Isabel Teixeira has been appointed the National Team Head Coach, and Tim Miller has been appointed the National Youth Squad Head Coach, and we congratulate them both on their appointment.

Isabel Teixeira is a former Portuguese National Team player and Head Coach, having previously coached at EKC, WKC and World Games, achieving fantastic results over that time, including a bronze medal finish at the 2018 European Korfball A-Championship. Isabel also has a connection to Australia, having played in the 1999 World Championships in Adelaide. Isabel will remain based in Portugal, and will travel to Australia and tournaments as required, and will work with a team of highly-qualified local assistant coaches to deliver her program.

Tim Miller likely needs no introduction, and has been a highly prominent member of the Australian and International Korfball community for years, with numerous roles across all levels, including club, state, national and international appointments. Australia’s most recently Head Coach of the National Team, Tim’s passion has long been on Youth Development, and this appointment is a natural fit.

Coincidentally, Isabel and Tim completed an IKF Coaching Course together in 2020, and have expressed a keen interest in working together again. However, this is not the first time these two have crossed paths, with the new coaches being on opposite sides of the court during the 1995 World Korfball Championships, in India, during the bronze medal match, which Portugal narrowly won.

Work has already commenced on building support teams around each of these coaches, and will continue to do so. A call for applications to join this process will be made soon. At the same time, these appointees have begin working with National Program Director Helen Searle to finalise the next steps of the National Program.

Please note, it is still not too late to express interest in joining the National Squads, and expressions of interest can be made here.