Following a stocktake of inventory, it has become apparent that Korfball Australia has a huge number of excellent teaching resources going to waste. In particular, there are around 500 copies of “Korfball: Youth Sports Resource Manual”, part of the widely known “Youth Sports Resourse Manual” series. As such, these copies are available, for free, to any and all interested parties.


The manual was jointly produced by the IKF, ACHPER, the Australian Sports Commission and Korfball Australia, and remains one of the best resources for teaching Korfball available. While now out of publication, it is only marginally out of date in a few small areas, with the vast majority of information still hugely useful. For anyone involved in teaching and/or coaching youth Korfball, the Manual is certainly worth a read.


The Manual will be available for collection at the upcoming Summer Classic, run by Korfball South Australia. If you’re unable to make that competition, or would simply like to reserve your copy, please email Roy Kirby (co-authour and current Korfball Australia National Technical Coordinator) at