Following the recent 2020 AGM, the composition of the Korfball Australia Board is complete. This AGM was somewhat different to most, firstly being belated and secondly being run on an online platform, both due to the ongoing pandemic. However, the voting process went off without a hitch, although we do hope to be able to meet again in person for the next AGM.

Successful returning nominees with two year terms are Ben Wallace (Vice-President) and Sharyn Bungey (Finance Director), with Amber Gulamali (General) also returning for a one year term. There is also a newly elected member this year, with Tomas Fik (General) joining the Korfball Australia Board for the first time. All nominees were unanimously elected, and are looking forward to pushing Korfball forward in the coming year, with many exciting projects on the horizon. These elected members join existing members Andrew Hutchesson (President) and Krissy Marshall (Secretary) who are midway through their two year term.

As well as the election of Board members, all additional resolutions, such as the passing of the 2019 Minutes, the President’s report, Finance Director’s report and the 2021 Licence agreements were all passed unanimously.