As was previously announced, there’s plenty happening around the 2022 National Club Championships, both in the lead up and around the tournament itself. This year’s event will again play host to the AGM as well.

This year, the Executive Board positions up for election are President and Secretary, commonly referred to as Treasurer. These positions are for a two year term. In addition, due to the pending resignation of the Vice President,  an election to fill this casual vacancy will also be held. This will be for the remainder of the existing term, which is one year. The Treasurer was elected at the last AGM, and has another year to run on their term. Additionally, positions are available for general Board members, with a single year term. As such, we encourage anyone interested in an Executive role to also apply as a general member if interested, as these will be voted on in an “if unsuccessful in gaining an Executive position” manner. A nomination form for anyone interested in these roles is below.

In addition to the AGM, the KA Board is pleased to announce that an SGM will be held immediately prior to the AGM. This SGM is to introduce a new constitution to govern Korfball Australia. This new constitution is largely an update to the current constitution, which has been in effect since 1985. The purpose of these updates is to bring the constitution in line with Sports Australia recommendations. In addition to this, voting eligibility at AGMs will change under the new constitution to be in line with the current licence system in effect for Korfball Australia affiliate bodies, instead of being restricted to State bodies only.

We thank Roy Kirkby and Michael Spencer for their efforts over the last several years in order to develop this constitution to a state where it can be presented to the affiliate bodies for a vote.

The draft constitution to be voted on for adoption will be distributed to the licence holders at least a week prior to the AGM date. If the new constitution is successfully adopted, the aim is to hold the AGM immediately following the SGM, under the newly revised conditions.

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