The Korfball Australia Resources library has been given an overhaul, with Coaching, Refereeing and Teaching resources all being added or updated. Thanks go to the National Technical Coordinator, Roy Kirkby, for putting these together.


The Coaching and Refereeing resources range in level form 1 to 3, and provide the material needed to complete the respective course. Despite the original documents being less than three years old, it was felt that an update was necessary, in order to maintain compliance with the Australian Sports Commission guidelines. While many of the resources are updates, there are some brand new resources, specifically the Course Manuals for Level 2 and 3 Refereeing and Coaching. These documents will allow for easier completion of these higher qualifications. Additionally, some of the courses have been modified to allow for clubs to run them themselves.


A new addition is a teaching resource, designed to highlight the importance of gender equality in Korfball, and its relevance in wider society. This resource, called the Korfball Gender Awareness Challenge, was co-written by Lisa Smith, from New Zealand, and Roy Kirkby. It is hoped that this resource can help provide an entry point to discussing the importance of gender equality within Korfball, ideally as soon as the sport is introduced into a class.

If there are any issues with any of the resources, or any questions regarding their use, or you would like further information, please contact us.