The team had an early morning with breakfast as even on our day of no games we were striving to get the most out of our break to sightsee and enjoy the best of what Shah Alam has to offer.

At 9:40 we had a training session of shooting to give our bodies a rest and get our goals rolling for the last match.

Next we headed to Sunway Pyramid Mall. Westfield Marion has NOTHING on this place! It’s HUGE! With over 900 stores + pop ups and attractions such as an ice rink in the middle of the mall (?!?).

The team had over 4 hours to explore but with how big the mall was it felt like we needed a whole day or two. Everyone had their own interests. Some indulges in local and foreign cuisines, while others did some shopping. My group stopped in at a fried chicken restaurant called “Texas Chicken”. The spice was just right and our eyes were big, some more than others as Will ordered a MONSTER burger. He did struggle to get through it but did eventually manage plus a couple of tenders too!

Most of us ended our mall experience in the VR store. The VR games ranged from stand-alone headset only games to roller coaster machines to full racing simulator. But the stand out performer was Top Gun 360 Jet Cockpit that would rotate you with the jet as you flew, even sending you upside down and into barrel rolls. Fair to say it made us quite dizzy.

Next we gathered in our own private room at the Hotel to watch the Matildas v France on a big screen. We thought we were only watching the last 10 minutes of the game, but we all know how much longer the game went. We all sat on the edge of our seats for what seemed like forever, to watch the Matilda’s win!

After celebrating together (and even with the kitchen staff), it was early bed time for some of us, while others headed back to the stadium.