Dear Diary,


Our first win for the day was finding croissants at the buffet breakfast. Players enjoyed them with Josh Berney consuming three and happy to mix up his breakfast routine of skittles and Cheetos to croissants, while Dave and Joshy P devoured their morning sausage with a toothy grin. Bethan showed her usual appreciation for breakfast with a deep throaty burp #frequent


Team Breaky

Team Breaky


Headed off to the team meeting to run through the game plan for Poland. With clear instructions for today’s game finalised, players relaxed with a quick kip to prepare for the game. Patty utilised this time to work on his muscle ups while Grace dedicated some time to her instagram, ensuring the filters for her latest post were on point and good enough to win the team’s insta pic of the day. There’s been some solid competition within the team over the best Insta pics throughout the World Games, however Dave ‘Bump Champion’ Scroggs has been excluded from the competition due to improper use of the #nofilter hashtag. Disappointing Dave, disappointing.


Against Poland we found ourselves off to a fast start and we developed a small but crucial buffer. The Bump Champion provided a mid-game scare through the camp coming off the court with an ankle complaint. He rejoined the game and directly made an impact on the scoreboard. Reminiscent of Paul Pierce’s heroics at the Celtics.


Through steady defence we were able to come away with the two goal win against Poland.


 Team line up vs Poland

Team line up vs Poland


Tomorrow we play China again for 5th or 6th. We are excited about the opportunity and are keen to secure our highest ever result at a World Games event.


National Coach Phil Sibbons has been inspired by Dan Ricciardo’s winning celebration on the F1 podiums and he’s keen to replicate it, expect a shoey should we win tomorrow.


Huge thanks to all our supporters here in Wroclaw, those watching the live stream and everyone back home. Your messages of support are greatly appreciated and give the team great inspiration! Keep em coming!


Shakas, 🤙🏻

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