As has been previously communicated to the various licence holders, the belated 2020 AGM will be held on Friday, January 29th. The AGM was delayed due to the ongoing pandemic preventing the various States meeting together, as has worked successfully for a great number of years. Once it became clear that a physical meeting was not going to be an option, various digital solutions were explored, before settling on the solution to be implemented this year.

As such, this AGM will be run a little differently, with all voting done via an online system, and no actual meeting being held. All reports, minutes, Board nominations etc to be voted on will be distributed to the licence holders a week prior to the AGM date. Voting delegates will then have access to the voting system, with a week to complete the votes, which will be tabulated on the AGM date. Results of the votes will be returned to all licence holders, before being publicly released.

The current Board is fully committed to returning the AGM to its regular schedule in 2021, and is now well prepared to conduct the AGM in an online manner again if required.

This year, the Executive Board positions up for election are Vice President and Financial Officer, commonly referred to as Treasurer. These positions are for a two year term. President and Secretary were elected at the 2019 AGM, and have another year to run on their term. Additionally, positions are available for general Board members, with a single year term. As such, we encourage anyone interested in an Executive role to also apply as a general member if interested, as these will be voted on in an “if unsuccessful in gaining an Executive position” manner.

In particular, we encourage anyone with a passion for development and corporate governance to apply, as these loom as areas of particular focus for the year to come.

Anyone interested in nominating for either of these positions can add their name to the existing nominations through the nomination form found below. Nominations close on January 22nd.

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