There is a group of young korfballers in Adelaide who are enthusiastically developing their korfball knowledge and skills. Importantly too they are developing their leadership skills. They are doing this through the Korfball Youth Leader Award program. This program supports young korfballers to be involved in leadership activities in korfball and in their wider community. Many of our present elite players have also completed the Award in years past.

This youth group are developing leadership knowledge and skills in playing, coaching, refereeing and administration. The activities are not all korfball related but can include leadership in home, community and school.

Here are some of the activities our Adelaide group are involved in at the moment:

  • Some have developed a Facebook page to keep the public informed and up to date in regards to fundraising for the youth team to get to New Zealand. 
  • All have helped advertise events like the movie night to raise funds for the cause.
  • They have all sold (or eaten) chocolates to raise funds for New Zealand.
  • A group of 6 have been training and raising money for the City to Bay fun run. 2 are running 12k and 4 are walking 3k. They have also arranged all their own registration. 
  • 3 are helping develop korfball in their school and refereeing games.
  • One is doing riding for the disabled.
  • Another works with younger children in Cubs.
  • Others referee other sports such as basketball.
  • Some help in their church with younger children in plays.
  • One is very involved in dance and helping with performance and production.
  • One works at Lazer Zone helping kids. 

On top of all this too is the support they are giving to their club and will be giving to Australia when they visit New Zealand in October.

A special thanks must be extended to Toni Bell and the team of senior korfballers around her for all the support given to the KYLA participants.