Korfball Australia would like to take this opportunity to address the growing concern around COVID-19, and the impact on upcoming Korfball events. Already, this pandemic has affected many sporting events, in Australia and around the world, and Korfball is not immune. The IKF has recently cancelled several age-group Continental championships, and a number of age-group World Championship and World Cup events are still at risk of being cancelled. Additionally, the Dutch, Belgian and English leagues, among others, have suspended matches for the time being.

At this point in time, we would like to state that there is no plan to postpone or cancel the 2020 Korfball Australia National Club Championships, scheduled to be held on June 6 & 7 in Wayville, Adelaide. This is currently the only Korfball Australia organised event which has been announced.

With this being said, Korfball Australia is extremely aware that the situation is fluid and ever-changing, and we will continue to act in the best interests of our players, officials and supporters, and on the advice of State, Federal and International health authorities. There are several months before this tournament is scheduled to be held, and any number of things may eventuate between now and then. Updates on the status of the National Club Championships will be provided in due course.

With regards to Korfball competitions across the country, decisions will be made by the relevant state bodies or clubs. We trust they have the best interest of their players, officials and supporters in mind and will make decisions they see fit, with the benefit of local knowledge and advice. We ask members (and non-members) to contact their state body or club committees for more specific information regarding their local league.

With this being said, we do urge all individuals involved in any Korfball activities to heed the advice of health authorities. This includes all instances of self-isolation required following international travel, and recommended if in contact with anyone who has recently travelled, or who may be showing symptoms. We further ask that any players who do feel unwell to avoid any Korfball activities until cleared to participate. Additionally, should anyone in the Korfball community be diagnosed with COVID-19, we ask that you inform your club and/or state authorities, in order to facilitate any required self-isolation, and to best inform the decision making process.

Korfball Australia will continue to monitor the situation, and would like to thank the Korfball community for their ongoing support.