Last weekend saw the holding of both an EGM and the 2022 AGM. It gives Korfball Australia great pleasure in announcing the outcomes of these meetings.

The EGM saw a new Korfball Australia Constitution unanimously adopted. This constitution updates the original constitution adopted in 1985, and brings Korfball Australia in line with recommended Sports Australia guidelines, part of an overarching strategy to get Korfball Australia set-up for recognition once all criteria are met. The primary changes in this constitution are around Board composition. In short, Board members are no longer elected to positions, but are instead elected to co-equal Director positions, with roles and responsibilities to then be determined among the elected members.

Huge thanks goes to Roy Kirby and Michael Spencer who have laboured for several years to get this Constitution ready, and now adopted.

Following the EGM, our first AGM was held under the new constitution, and as such the composition of the Korfball Australia Board is complete. Andrew Hutchesson was elected to continue as a Director, and Megan O’Keefe was elected to return to the board after having been a long time member previously. Sharyn Bungey continues on as a Director, having been elected at the last AGM.

Korfball Australia would like to thank the outgoing Board members for their service, and our gratitude goes out to Ben Wallace and Amber Gulamali for their many years of service.

As well as the election of Board members, all additional resolutions passed unanimously including:

  • accepting of of the last AGM’s Minutes
  • accepting the President’s report
  • accepting the Finance Director’s report
  • accepting the 2023 Licence agreements
  • accepting the proposal to host the 2023 National Club Championships in Adelaide, on the June Long Weekend
  • accepting, in principle, the expansion of the National calendar to include a National Beach Korfball Championships

We look forward to another strong year of Korfball in Australia, as we rebuild following the recent enforced interruptions. This next year is exciting, with the resumption of International competitions, as well as the agreed upon expansion of the National Calendar.