Korfball Australia is pleased to today announce the formal launch of our brand-new National Registration System. Developed as part of a wider overhaul of governance and accountability within Korfball Australia, this system is the first nation-wide registration system, and ensures Korfball Australia will have accurate participation numbers for all organised Korfball activities.

The system has been trialed using a few events already this year, with action taken to develop the system based on those trials. As such, many players will already be registered within the system. Additionally, while the system is live and available, it is a new system, and any issues found will continue to be addressed.

Registration is straightforward, with a “Register” option available under the “Account” menu item on both the Korfball South Australia and Korfball New South Wales websites. Registration is just $10, and covers the player for a 12 month period across all Korfball activities i.e. 1 registration covers multiple competitions, there is no need to register per competition. Due to insurance restrictions, it is a requirement that all players are registered prior to participating in any sanctioned event, be it a social competition or the National Club Championships, or anything in between. Competition and club administrators who require access to registration lists to check compliance should email webmaster@korfball.org.au to organise. Additionally, should there be any complications while registering, please contact webmaster@korfball.org.au for assistance.

As this is a new system, there may be some registrations existing within other systems still. These other systems may continue to send reminders about renewals etc, especially with the winter season approaching. Please ignore these reminders, we are working to decommission any existing systems, and please ensure all registrations are with the new system only.

Korfball South Australia and Korfball New South Wales are the only sites registration is available, as they are they only two states to hold a current license agreement with Korfball Australia (another part of the governance overhaul). Any players who live in a state without an active State Body, but still wish to be registered players, please contact webmaster@korfball.org.au, and provisions will be made to allow you to register through the Korfball Australia website.

It is hoped that this new system, as well as associated policies, will give more consistency and transparency to Korfball administration, and help ensure a more professional and sustainable infrastructure moving forward.