B Grade minor rounds

The first few games of the weekend were all decided by a margin of 3 goals, followed by Sydney Black losing by the narrowest of margins to Boomers. The first ever Sydney vs Sydney match in a National Club Championships was played out following the AGM, with Sydney Black running out winners by 4 goals. Everyone had points on the board at the end of Saturday aside from Sydney Blue, with Boomers and North Adelaide on equal points, followed by Sydney Black, Glenelg, Arista and Sydney Blue.

Sunday morning brought something a lot of people haven’t seen before – a final result of 1-0. Glenelg scored in the second half to win the match, with all players playing the entire match in the same zone that they started! Despite the scoreline, this match was of high quality, with some very unlucky shooting on both sides. Meanwhile, Sydney Black took a win over North Adelaide to bump North out of final and themselves in. Despite a draw with Sydney Blue, and another earlier in the weekend, Boomers remained undefeated to secure their spot in the final.

Minor round standings

  1. Adelaide Boomers (8)
  2. Sydney Black (8)
  3. North Adelaide (7)
  4. Glenelg (4)
  5. Arista Marion (2)
  6. Sydney Blue (1)

B Grade final

There weren’t many scoring chances early as Sydney Black and Boomers both tried to figure each other out. Both teams missed early penalty shots, and Boomers held a narrow lead at half time (2-1). Lots of shots were going up, but goals were not falling for most players, with Boomers running out eventual winners 5-3.

MVP: John Bracey