Scores for the last few weeks have been being added at the conclusion of each round, and can be found on the K4 page, which also includes the competition table and upcoming events. The complete schedule (with the exception of the playoffs) is also now available on this page.


Due to Flinders University exams, Sturt Gym will be unavailable for the next two weeks. As such, the competition will be moving to Seaview High School (78-124 Seacombe Rd, Seacombe Heights) for the next two weeks. A map of the location appears below, and can also be found on the event page. All parking options are marked on the map (“P”), as is the location of the gym (green). All parking is only accessible from Calum Grove, due to construction work at the school. The carpark nearest the gym on the map is relatively small, and is only accessible by driving though the school.



If there any questions or concerns regarding these changes, or with the running of the competition, please feel free to contact us. Good luck to all teams as the competition nears its conclusion.