As you may have read previously, Korfball Australia is running a K4 Competition as part of the early phase of National Squad activities, albeit an early phase open to everyone. The interest in the competition has been overwhelming, far higher than expected. Originally planned for 8 teams, the competition is now 13 teams, with over 70 registered players, which is a fantastic vote of confidence for K4 in Australia. The first weeks timetable has been released, with the rest of the competition to follow.


The overwhelming demand for this competition has made for a few scheduling headaches, and an unfortunate side-effect of this is that each team will have one bye week each. This is to make sure that teams playing will always have two games a night. Without having a week off, some teams would only be able to have one match a week, which given the length of matches, was seen as unnecessary. However, all teams still have six weeks of competition, plus another week of playoffs, which will involve all teams. Another side effect of the huge demand is that only the first week of scheduling has been released. Using this week as a test run, match times may be slightly tweaked, and then the rest of the schedule will be released. The schedule alone can be found on the event page, while the schedule, results and ladder can all be found on the competition page.


In the lead up to the start of the competition this Thursday, there are a few points of housekeeping which must be addressed. First and foremost, all teams are expected to referee one match a week. If you are not able to referee, you are responsible for finding someone to referee. The rules are simple, and a summary can be found on this handy comparison chart, comparing K4 with the better known Korfball 8. Failure to provide a referee will result in a docking of competition points. Games will be 2 x 6 minute halves, centrally timed, with a 1 minute half time, and as little time as practical between matches. It is imperative that games begin as quickly as possible, due to time constraints. Each registered players $20 fee must be paid in cash on their first night of competition, in order to receive their team shirt. Additionally, the $2 match fee will be payable each week.