Following on from their experiences at the recently concluded World Games, National Coach Phil Sibbons and Korfball Australia’s Referees Director Luke Rosie will be conducting a workshop on the 20th of August. This free workshop will allow them to share their experiences and impressions on topics such as emerging trends in International Korfball.


The presenters are highly qualified, with Phil leading Australia during a standout performance at the World Games, and Luke being invited to referee a ranking match at the World Games, one of only 4 referees asked to do so.


This session will be accessible and relevant no matter your level of coaching or refereeing experience/qualification, and will count towards any Professional Development requirements for those undertaking coaching or refereeing certification.


The session is at Priceline Stadium, from 12:30 PM on the 20th of August, and will run for no longer than 1 hour. A map of the venue location can be found on the event page.



EDIT: A previous version of this article did not include a running time for the session