As has been previously communicated to the State Bodies, Korfball Australia will once again be taking advantage of the National Club Championships, the largest annual gathering of Australia’s Korfball community, to hold their Annual General Meeting. The AGM will take place on the Saturday of Nationals, at 1:10PM, and should be finished well in advance of the 1:30PM AFL Grand Final Viewing Party. The AGM, as well as all other official activities on the Saturday of Nationals, will take place at the Wayville Sports Centre.

This year, the Board positions up for election are Vice President and Financial Officer, commonly referred to as Treasurer. Anyone interested in nominating for either of these positions can add their name to the existing nominations through the nomination form found below. We look forward to seeing all interested parties at the AGM, with any registered member of the Australian Korfball Community entitled to cast their vote.

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