Korfball Australia is pleased to announce the re-appointment of Phil Sibbons to the position of National Team Coach, for the upcoming World Games, to be held in Wroclaw, Poland, in 2017.


Many within Korfball, both in Australia and internationally, will know Phil, who has been coaching various Korfball teams for 25+ years. Phil has held the National Head Coach position from 2001 – 2008, and again since 2014. He has also assisted the New Zealand U/23 and National Open Teams at various times. Phil’s coaching resume is impressive, with Australia’s only international gold medal, at the 2004 Asia Oceania Championships, coming under his watch. More recently, Phil was coach of the Australian team who finished second at the 2014 Asia Oceania Championships, and was also coach at the 2015 World Championships, where Australia qualified for the World Games. This is merely a snapshot of the many impressive achievements Australian teams have manged under Phil’s tutelage.


We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Phil on his re-appointment, and thank him for his ongoing commitment to the National Team set-up. We would also like to thank Phil’s family, for their ongoing support of his coaching ambitions, and for letting the National Team steal him away as much as they have. We wish you all the best Phil, and we hope you and your team have success in Wroclaw.