This has not been a solo effort and we have had many people helping.

Kelly and Dustin Williss for all their physio and fitness help. Alison Othen for her help with fundraising and uniforms. Tim Miller and Jeremy Harris for their assistance as coaches for the squad.

To all the A grade coaches; your help throughout the year was invaluable.

A very big thank you to Rudi Schram for showing us how great it was to be back in Belgium. To Inge Bekaert for all her help.

Thank you to Dennis (Dusty / Skippy) Giles for taking the time to show us around Amsterdam and also for coming to support us.

To our group of supporters who travelled from Australia, England and Holland to come and watch our matches. Your support was fantastic.

To Lammert Bastianns and all at KV Wageningen. We had a blast and look forward to our next adventure with you. Thank you to Edwin Bouman for again coming to help the Aussies. A special thank you to Erik Wolsink for taking a training session that my players could not stop talking about and smiling about from ear to ear.

To my partners in crime, Wim Scholtmeijer and Wouter Bok and to the Dutch National Team. Five months ago you showed me a new path and from that moment on, you have supported me more than I can ever repay. Thank you. I believe you have changed the way Aussies will play and teach Korfball.

A huge thank you to my family for allowing me the time and space to do this. The support you have provided has made this a very enjoyable task.

To my players. I thank you for believing in what I asked and showing that belief in the best way possible; on the court. Congratulations team, I am very proud.

Megan Marks – not sure how to ever thank you, without you there is absolutely no way we would have made it to Belgium.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Craig Miller, for all the thankless work you did in reviving the National Program. It is your players who I have inherited, and I can see you in them all.