Howdy howdy hope all is well back home where we know how to accommodate for vegos, vegans and various other diets. No hate on the locals though they do some mad tings with baked beans and hair do’s.

As per usual most of us woke up earlyish and headed down for breaky. At this point in the trip breakfast was my favourite part of the day. Loading up on baked beans, hash browns, toast, guava juice, and possibly even some cheeky sauteed potatoes. Even more important for us today as we had our training session scheduled in for 9:15 and were told the bus leaves at 8:45.

Our training session consisted of some light shooting, 4 on 4, penalty shots, free passes and ended with a game of a bump. Tim suggested we use the game of bump as a pre-game warm up mainly because we shot better 😂

Once we arrived back at the hotel room we headed up to the pool for a cool down. The water was considerably nicer then previous days. Jazz and myself shared a moment gazing into each others eyes, it was quite cute. Most of us decided to do some stretching as we were pretty damn toight and sore.
Since our game was the last game of the day it meant that we now have a lot of down time. Most of us chilled out in each others rooms relaxing, playing various card games and flexing our guns.  This was the longest part of the day and we all were definitely feeling it. A few of us headed down stairs for coffee and hot chocolates, the rest had afternoon naps in preparation for tonight’s game.

Finally the time had arrived we were all ready to face off against the Czech Republic for a top 8 finish. We jumped on the bus with the tunes cranking to settle our nerves and get in the right headspace.
We put up a grit n grind effort, unfortunately we weren’t able to get the result we wanted. Our hearts were there right to the end. Rome wasn’t built in a day, this won’t be the last time they see us. We plan to come back with ‘FAT HEARTS’ ❤

Back to the hotel for a quick dinner , showers and bedtime.

Much love to you all back home.

That’s all folks xo