Day 3 began with an 8:00am wake up. We headed down for breakfast at 8:30am and enjoyed a buffet breakfast for our second day of games. We were still experiencing some nerves for our day ahead but our excitement definitely dominated.

After brekky, Cade wanted to stop Ned from the toe dents in his socks made from his thongs and bought him a nice pair of cute pink crocs. Unfortunately these were size negative.

We prepared for our mid-morning training and headed to the stadium for our session. Once our training concluded we had a ripper feast and headed straight to the pool for a recovery sesh.

Our third game in this international Asia-Oceania competition was against our host, Malaysia, at 8:20 Malaysia time. The team was thrilled to be playing Malaysia and felt that we had a great chance to win this game.

Team meeting was held in T Money Mills room. It was good to get everyone together have a laugh and a clear plan and mindset going into our game against the host nation, Malaysia. We spoke about matchups and about playing with the freedom and energy we took into the second game the day before. Once the meeting concluded, the team split off with some going to watch vision of the matchups given to them by Timmy. The team headed to the stadium in high spirits ready for the game.

On arrival we headed upstairs to grab arguably the best food we have had all trip. Teriyaki chicken was exquisite. After smacking that down we headed in to watch the other half of the ANZACS take on Thailand. Enjoyable back and forth game but sadly our allies weren’t able to bring home the choccies.

Insert the Aussies. With spirits still high as well as the energy from a good warm up we came out hard and loud… but so did the host nation with the crowd behind them. It was goal for goal early with the best korfball we have played all trip. Sadly we weren’t able to get it done with Malaysia hitting long shots at crucial times and us doing the opposite. So proud of the group, hope we take todays energy, spirit and fight into the game against Hong Kong tomorrow.