Thursday started a bit more free for all players, some waking up at 7, others at 9. Most players agreed to have breakfast at 9:30 but some others got there a bit earlier or later. This morning we had no training, so many players went to do their own thing like going to the pool or shops. Many players started getting ready at 11 as our bus left at 11:50. some visiting our wonderful physio for strapping and others watching games of Hong Kong to analyse their play. At 11:50, everyone was in the lobby ordering subway for lunch before boarding the bus with the team we would later be against, Hong Kong. Once we got off the bus, we were seated to watch the India and Chinese Taipei game that started at 12:30.

Our game started at 1:50 against Hong Kong, which began as a tight battle. everyone was hyped for playing and encouraging each other from the moment we hit the court. Players on court started out at the usual 8. Alyssa, Nick, Ned, Danica, Chris, Taylor, Liberty and Cade. The rest of us were seated on bench, preparing our voices to cheer as loud as we can. The game was close to begin with but ended in a sad loss but we continued to fight until the end. With a few penalties and run ins, the score ended at 3 -10 in favour of Hong Kong.

Getting back to the hotel, the team was ready for lunch. Ordering Subway meant that we could finally have a meal that wasn’t just chicken and rice. When the food arrived we were reminded why you shouldn’t order for 17 people from a place that wraps everything the same way. Once we sorted out whose sandwich was whose, we went to the pool to eat. The entertainment for lunch was the ending of the close China vs Thailand game. Once we finished lunch it was time for our pool session with the amazing Nat.

At 6:30 the team was ready to go to the stadium for dinner however the teams that were playing later took that bus meaning we had to wait until 7. Once we finally got to the stadium we went straight to dinner. It was definitely the best buffet so far. They had spaghetti, prawns, lamb and Smokey sauce. After finishing our food we watched the ending to the Malaysia vs India game where Malaysia took it in the end. We got back to the hotel at 9 rearing for the next day. Go Aussies!