Day 8

Josh and myself finally had a sleep in arising to the lovely sound of my alarm at 9 instead of fire trucks at 6. It was going to be a good day, the team had breakfast in their buffet while Josh and I got our favourite breakfast food in Japan, yoghurt. It was delicious.

Team meeting was next, running through the game plan. It was the longest meeting by far with an in depth analysis of how to beat our fast-becoming rivals, the Chinese. Walking out of the meeting the team were in high spirits feeling confident and pumped going into tonight’s match.

It was relax time and that usually means some Brooklyn Nine Nine in Shaz’s room. If anyone hasn’t watched this show I highly recommend it for all the lols, great team bonding!

Game time! Best time of the day and good news I remembered my playing top today!

It started the same as all other preparations sitting in the cool corner to avoid the tumultuous heat! We quickly ran over the game plan and then the shortest game of celebrity heads ensued with Jessie May guessing Beyonce in 5 guesses.

The game didn’t go the way we had planned but everyone rallied together and tried to fight back. It just wasn’t to be our day!

The team then set their sights on the bronze medal Match against Hong Kong

Day 9

So I get absolutely stitched up and have to write the break day too!

The team had a very lazy start to the day recouping from the game last night with some much needed rest. The team decided to go to Shibuya but only made it as far as Harajuku which was pretty much shopping central. Nike, Adidas, Puma and all the op shops for Nik to froth over.

There was also hedgehog cafes where you could hold the cute little critters in your hands and feed them, but my personal favourite was an otter cafe where I got to feed otters and watch them play in a swimming pool, it was amazing! After some clothes and shoes were bought, mainly by Zak, Joshy P and Nik! We were heading home to chill out before the big game tomorrow.

Signing off hopefully a future bronze medalist