Hi Everyone, so I have the wonderful task of writing todays diary.

Today started with a message from Phil at 7:30am informing us all that it was going to be a lovely 37 degrees. It has been really humid as well, to the point that we all had to have a towel with us on court to continuously dry our hands.

After yesterdays late game and late dinner I think everyone was pretty tired and had a good sleep in. I headed down for breakfast and left Sleeping Beauty, aka Zac Dylan, to continue sleeping. There is a reason he is so beautiful ;)

After last nights game against Chinese Taipei we had a lot to talk about and hopefully we can put into practice the lessons we have learned from the game. Its not everyday we get to play such a quality team so it is great to see the whole team in such high spirts and excited about the experience gained.

We had a division meeting to discuss the game and how we would like to take what we have learned from it into our next games. Then shortly after a team meeting to discuss how we would play the Philippines followed by a stretch session and pizza for lunch. La La’s (the closest Italian restaurant) is making a killing off us.

To the game itself and we focused on relaxing before the game with a few games of hangman. Nik had the fastest game with Bethan guessing the answer before any letters had been called out. I think his obsession with his moustache gave it away.

I had the toss and like all our captains so far I lost. At least the national anthem worked today.

The game was played in great spirit with lots of laughs and Zac even tried to play with only 1 shoe. The Philippino players were a lovely group of people.

Todays game was the last of the pool games and our win today has seen us secure a place in the World Championships next year. We have also finished second in our pool setting up the crossover final against China. Be sure to watch this game as it promises to be a fast and intense game.

That is all I have for now. I hope you are all enjoying the games on the live stream and keep the message of support coming, it really means a lot to or players and is greatly appreciated.

The Old Man of the team, Ben.