Today we got the privilege of having the Dutch national coach Wim Scholtmeijer come to our training session. Wim believes in starting each training with words of wisdom. Today he decided to quote the great Korfball Philosopher, and back-to-back bump champion, David Scroggs saying Australia suffers from the old saying “we would have won, if we scored all our own.”


Wim took the two hour training session which saw us quite tired afterwards but reinforced our game plan and he was quite positive about it!


It was great to have him out and we appreciated his efforts as we are well aware he is busy and he wouldn’t do it for many others.


Today also gave us the first sunny warm day. Some even got burnt today! After training we all headed into town on the bikes and had lunch in the village centre. The majority choosing a champions sturdy meal of burger and chips! My trusted and reliable diet since I got to the Netherlands has been fries with mayo and Chocomel! I think I’d become fat if I lived here!


At 5:30 we traveled to DVO early as our future World Games pool rivals in China played a match which was good for us to gauge their abilities! Looking forward to the challenge ahead!!


We then took the court against DVO which was a mix of the 2nd and 3rd teams and also one male from the Korfball League! Definitely knew which one he was as he was scoring most of their goals. But we played a great team game and kept a good structure. We won 5 of the 6 “quarters” and won the game 26 to 19 which was a good confidence booster! Jess Phillips scared us by rolling her ankle but she is doing well with the assistance of a €5000 compression icing machine! These fancy Dutch and their toys.


Overall a great day between the weather, training and the match! It was our last practice match before leaving for Poland!


Jess May

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