Day three here in Durban, and we woke up from a much needed 10 hour sleep for most of us. Feeling fresh we got dressed and headed down for some breakfast. I had cereal and toast, nothing too exciting.

After breakfast we got ourselves organised and ready to head off to our first training. The session was a game against New Zealand. It felt really good getting a run around done and getting rid of any stiff and sore spots from the 30+ hours of travel. It was also a lot of fun getting to play with our newest two superstars Tamika and Jeff 😊

After training we headed back for lunch, showers and just some chill time where some took the opportunity to do some laundry in the bath tubs or sinks 🛁. Funny story, whilst Jazz was going to enjoy a nice shower, the cleaners walked in on him and probably got the shock of their life 🤭

Eventually one of everyone’s favorite part of the day came dinner! 🤤After our meals we headed on up for a team meeting to prepare us for our first game tomorrow!

That’s me done for today, off to get my beauty sleep 😴