Day 2 saw us have a sleep in followed by a casual bike ride into town for some shopping and tasty treats at the local bakery. The girls were in fine form spying bargains all over town. Dave Scroggs found the most scrumptious sandwich in Holland. We found Patrick ‘The Tapir’ Branford sipping a latte at one of his favourite local cafe’s.


Ass. Coach Craig Miller was highly impressed with some new found definition in his calves which he delightfully shared with a select few.


1 o’clock came around fast and we were back at the De Aanloop sports hall picking up the tempo of training a little bit more than yesterday. Starting with some shooting from various distances, then onto the teams “favourite” exercise with Phil’s Drill, finishing off the first session with some 4 on 4.


For the second session of the day the main focus was working on our 4 on 4 and movement on the full size court. A couple of light hearted games of bump ending the session keeping everyone in high spirits.


Thanks for reading, keep smiling
Love Jess :D

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