Today started with a nice sleep in for everyone. Training was cancelled this morning to help everyone recover from the late game last night and prepare for taking on China today.


After brekkie we had a team meeting to go through some footage and get the match ups sorted, it was then off to the game.


The China game proved a true battle, a physical game with good shooting all round, most of the game being goal for goal. In the third quarter China got the lead by three goals and were one goal up going into the fourth quarter. Our team kept level heads and came out with the win by 2 goals in the end! The first win in the World Games ever for Aussie korfball!! It was our ambition coming into the World Games to get this win to set us up nicely coming into the cross over matches. Feels pretty damn good to see all our hard work and preparations pay off!!


Big shout out to Ash (Ginger Kobe) and Grace (Blonde LeBron), hitting shots and drawing penalties all round. Jess May created lots of movement. The boys proved strong in the rebound and put in a great defensive effort, Patrick “Tapir” Branford snagged some clever intercepts! An all round great team effort from everybody that got us the win!


After the game there was some free time for recovery, half the team braving the cryo-chamber. It was then off to a team celebration dinner in the market square followed by an early night to bed.


Big thanks to everyone following along and supporting us back home, we all really appreciate it!


Signing off,
Jess C

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