Hi all,

After a very exiciting day where a lot happened, it is my honour to write about today. After our win last night we had a day of rest and everyone went down for breakfast when they were ready. As you may have read before I like to sleep so I was one of the last ones heading down for breakfast.

After breakfast we went to the uShaka Marine World and after the experience of yesterday we had arranged our travel before heading off. Our friend Roland arranged 2 cars to bring us. The boys (Greg, Zac, Nik, Jazz and I) went in the back of an open pimped up pick-up truck. We felt really tough chilling in the back of the truck until we drove through the streets where we were in trouble yesterday. Then we just prayed that the traffic light would be green soon and not waiting there too long.

In Marine World we first went to the aquarium watching the sting rays being fed, although it was not really different then watching some of the team players in the restaurant eating. After that we went to the Dolphin show together with a lot of kids who where there on a school trip. Also in the Marine World is the Wet ‘n Wild waterpark but it was only 19 degrees with a lot of wind, so not really the weather to enjoy the waterpark. Nevertheless two tough boys (Zac and I 😂) went in the waterpark and even went off the highest water slide in Africa of 18 meters high!

Roland was there at 1 to bring a group back to the hotel and one group to the stadium to watch the games. I went back to the hotel to shower first. Lauren and I took a bus with Belgium and Chinese Taipei to the stadium. We cheered Suriname to the victory against Czech Republic and then watched the first semi final of Belgium and Chinese Taipei. A great game which ended in a win for Belgium after golden goal, unfortunate for the Chinese Taipei which most of us were supporting.

Heading back to the hotel for dinner (where Cameron thought it was normal and appropriate to stand outside the hotel in his underwear when he got of the bus) we ate some chicken curry with a lot of dessert. After dinner we played some games in the hallway just to relax. We had one of our last team meetings at 9 in Tim’s room to prepare for our final game of the tournament tomorrow against Slovakia. Lets go out there and make it a good game and get the win!

Thank you all for the support we get throughout the world during the tournament, it is really appreciated!

Go Aussies 💪🏻⚽️🇦🇺