With the upcoming World Games fast approaching, the National Squad is reforming. This squad is initially open to all players, at the discretion of National Coach Phil Sibbons. The previously announced K4 Competition forms part of the initial squad activities, but is by no means the complete program. The first session for the National Squad is on October 13, a week before K4 starts. This Fitness Assessment will provide baseline data on individual players and the squad as a whole,  and will guide the Group Fitness Sessions to be run on Fridays for the duration of the K4 Competition. This all leads up to the first of the Training Camps. After the conclusion of the K4 compeition regular training will commence, including additional Training Camps in the lead up to the Selection Training Camp. After this training camp, the National Squad will condense to form the National Team, who will continue training until they depart for the World Games.


These events are all based in Adelaide. Any Adelaide-based players who wish to be considered for selection in the National Team are expected to attend all squad activities, or contact Phil Sibbons if you are unable to attend. Players not based in Adelaide who wish to be considered for selection must also contact Phil Sibbons, who will outline his expectations to be eligible for consideration. All Fitness Programs developed will be shared with all interested players to ensure no-one is at a disadvantage.


A list of upcoming training events can be found on the National Team Page, and a more complete calendar is also available. From both of these pages, interested individuals can import the calendar to their preferred platform (Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook etc) through the subscribe icon ( ). A preliminary program is also available for download, which includes activities not on the calendars, such as expected club commitments, and other Korfball activity, as well as activities with unconfirmed dates and locations.