The KBKB (Royal Belgian Korfball Federation) have today launched a brand new microsite, just for the World Korfball Championships. Designed by students of the Karel de Grote-Highschool, the site has been in development since January.

The site has some great features, including the ability to set your supporter nation status, which then gives you information based on which nation you support. All match information can be found on this microsite, including ticketing information for anyone looking to travel to support the Aussie team.

Another amazing feature of the website is the korfball game which has been developed. With 5 minutes to score as many goals as possible, its a little challenging, but a lot of fun. You can also select what country you’re representing, so lets see if we can climb the leader board. You can play the game below, but probably not in Chrome.

The site can be found here.