As has been announced previously, Korfball Australia will be running a Korfball 4 (K4) competition, from the 20th of October until the 8th of December at Flinders University. It has been decided to use this competition as an opportunity to open Korfball up to sponsorship, and help businesses gain exposure within the Korfball community. There are multiple packages available, from individual to team to competition wide options. All prices are on a per-shirt basis, and the total number of players is yet to be confirmed. At this stage, we are looking at 10 teams, with between 6 and 8 players per team, for a total of at least 60 players.



  • Plus $50 shirt printing set-up fee
  • Logo on individual players shirt
  • Mention in website article
  • Feature in Sponsors section for tournament duration


$25per shirt
  • Plus $50 shirt printing set-up fee
  • Logo on shirts of whole team
  • Prominent mention in website article
  • Prominent feature in Sponsors section for tournament duration


$20per shirt
  • Plus $50 shirt printing set-up fee
  • Logo on shirts of entire competition
  • Featured in website article
  • Main feature in Sponsors section for tournament duration


These shirts will be worn by all participants in the competition, and will be kept by players at the end of the competition, and are bound to make an appearance at future trainings and the like, increasing the exposure of your brand. Logos will appear on the back of the shirt, above the “Korfball, the sport for all” slogan visible on the shirt template above. Additionally, website and social media updates of the competition will include images of the backs of the shirts, and we will include your business name and logo on a special news article, and in the sponsors section of this website for the duration of the competition, all with links to your website. If you are interested in sponsoring an individual, or a team, or something in between, fill out the form below, and our sponsorship coordinator will be in contact with you to sort out the details. Any special requests in terms of how your logo is displayed can be accommodated, as long as they’re mentioned on the form below.


Korfball is a fast paced, mixed gender sport, with an emphasis on gender and social equality not found in any other sport. K4 is the condensed version of the sport, and the upcoming competition is the first time K4 has been run as an organised competition in Australia. There is sure to be a lot of interest in this competition, both within Australia, being the inaugural K4 competition and internationally, as the competition forms the early phase of the newest National Squad training. If this sounds like an opportunity to gain exposure for your brand, make sure to fill out the form below no later than Tuesday 4th of October.


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