The International Korfball Federation has released the latest World Rankings, following the conclusion of various ranking tournaments. As per the IKF announcement:

Points for the ranking are mainly earned through participation in official IKF events, with a weighting for each event given according the importance of the event. Ranking points earned are weighted less each year, until the next edition of this event is held and the previous edition of the event drops out of the calculations.


Following the recent recalculation, Australia has risen to eighth, up from eleventh in the previous ranking cycle. The full ranking list can be found on this list.


Of the other nations competing in the upcoming 2018 Asia-Oceania Korfball Championships, many are also at the top end of the rankings, including Chinese Taipei, who remain in second, China, who move up one spot into fifth, and Hong Kong, who have fallen one spot to eleventh. Australia will meet Chinese Taipei in the pool games, while China and Hong Kong will match-up over in the other pool. Check out the full schedule for the tournament over on the National Team page.


The rankings will be updated following the completion of the currently ongoing and upcoming tournaments, including the 2018 Asia-Oceania Korfball Championships.