Yo yo yo peeps welcome to the day 7 diary, jeez can’t believe we’ve been here for a week already.

The day started off with a much deserved sleep in and all the euphoria from having a nice bevrigino and some western food for Bmans b’day worn off.

It was a usual start to the day buffet breakfast with Jazz continuing his heist of the decorative bowls because they’re just “bigger” than the normal ones.

I enjoyed some bacon and eggs with a side of danish and croissants 🤤. After brekkie it was enjoy the day off, some of the lads and I went to a fav spot to get our mocha frappuccino (Starbucks) and a nice stroll to the Nike outlet.

The weather was absolutely glorious and only 60 odd percent humidity pretty good compared to other days. After a little nap it was time for a team activity. Charades was the name of the game and it was girls v boys yet again the tally stands at 4-1 if you ask Isabelle.

It was an intense game with a bit of cheating from both sides but as has been the standard practice in most of the games the boys won (sudden death song guess) we happen to guess it in about 10 seconds. I jest it was a good activity for all and there are no winners or losers 🙄

Following charades it was a quick dip in the pool and with the teams taste buds still craving western a pizza and pasta joint for dinner.

Anyways that’s JB signing off, make sure you tune in tomorrow and watch us beat China for a chance at redemption against Taiwan!

Love the support as always.