Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey it’s time for day 3 of the player diaries and day 1 of competition!

I can’t speak for all in the team but from those I spoke to there’s definitely a little bit of jet lag amongst the group with a good amount of us rising well before our alarms went off! We all headed down to the buffet breakfast to get some much needed fuel in for the first game of the tournament. Darian very graciously showed me the ways of the coffee machine but I’m definitely missing the coffees back home 🥺 after breakfast we had our top secret team meeting which went flawlessly with absolutely no technical difficulties, and with the game plan laid out we then headed off for the captains walk (with appropriate sun block, hats and shades of course). After that it was showtiiiiiiiiiiiiiime 💥

It was an incredibly exciting moment to walk into the stadium and find that they’d found the switch for the air con as opposed to the absolute sweat box we trained in yesterday 🥵 which alleviated some of the thiccness in the air and gave our lungs a fighting chance! India pulled out an absolute doozy of a first play which slightly bamboozled the great man DP, and after giving up some sneaky early goals, the nerves settled and our guys took control. It was great to get some minutes into every players legs and it felt great to get that first dub! Also special shoutout to Darian, Sammie, Chris and Matilda who all made their senior international debuts today 👏🎉

After we were welcomed with the opening ceremony we headed back home to experience the buffet dinner for the first time and it didn’t let us down. If you’re ever in the area I suggest you hit up the OZO North Pattaya buffet for some chili tofu and this funky green tapioca pudding with coconut and corn. It will make you feel some things inside of yourself 👀

After dinner we had our post game meeting and there were far less technical difficulties this time around. Spirits were high with plenty to improve on, and after playing a very interesting game some weird stuff went down but I’ve signed a non disclosure agreement and am not at liberty to share 🤫

I’m bloody excited about this team and I know we’re only going to get better and better, and we’ve absolutely loved all the support we’ve been getting from back home, it gives us such a huge lift! And with that being said, I’m out, keep your eyes peeled for young Emilio Hutchesson with tomorrows diary 💃

Much love, Nik xxx

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