The IKF has released the schedule for the upcoming 2019 Korfball World Championships, to be held in Durban, South Africa, from the 1st of August to the 10th of August. The schedule sees the World Championships expanded to 20 teams entered, with the first round of the competition split into five pools of four teams each. Teams will play a round-robin format within their pool, before the second round kicks off.

The second round sees the top 3 teams from each pool, as well as the best placed fourth team, enter the championship bracket in the Round of 16, while the remaining four teams play another round robin series of matches to determine the minor rankings. Once teams are eliminated from the championship bracket, they too enter minor ranking matches. Matches will again be played in 10 minute quarters, with teams permitted only a single timeout for the match.

Australia has been drawn into Pool B, along with Chinese Taipei, Poland and Ireland, a draw which was livestreamed for the first time ever. The full pool draws can be seen on the National Team page, which also includes the schedule for the opening round of matches. This page will be updated as results and second round matchups are known. Being in Pool B, Australia could face any of the teams in Pool A or E in first round of the championship bracket, with the opponent depending on results in Pools A, B and E. If the championship bracket is missed, Australia could be facing teams from any of the pools in the ranking round.

All currently scheduled Australian matches will be played in primetime for Australian audiences, with our first match at 7:15PM, and the next two at 7:30PM (all times in ACST). Once information on match live streams becomes available, the schedule will be updated with the links.