Dear diary,


The morning started late with a 9 o’clock breakfast. We had some sightseeing planned but with news from Pete (our Polish volunteer) that the bags had been found, plans changed. Plot twist, the air line had only found 6 bags with 2 more to arrive later in the day.


After receiving the bags it was to the shop to stock up on water of which we now have a small mountain for our time here. With the new water we made our way onto the bus to go to the training hall for the first time. Training commenced with some shooting followed by 4 on 4 to get us used to the big court and bright lights. The court had a big LCD TV showing some highlights of our training, which was pretty cool!


The end of training gave Dave ‘the back to back bump champion’ Scroggs a chance to defend his crown. It started as it had many times before with Dave getting the first knockout but it wasn’t to be, Adam Robertson found some form and managed to knock out the 🐐 leaving Adam and the Tapir to battle it out, Adam became the new bump champion!


After training there was a frantic rush to get food and shower for the opening ceremony only having an hour and 4 showers to make it happen. Only good news was that one more bag had been tracked down! Still one left though, the unlucky one being Jess Crispe! The team did an outstanding job and accomplished the difficult task of getting ready for the opening ceremony of the World Games.


The big rush to get ready didn’t seem at all necessary as we waited and waited and waited and waited around before anything happened at the stadium, we met some fellow Aussies playing in the games and wished them the best of luck! I think I can say for the whole team it was definitely worth the wait as we walked out to a rapturous applause of 35 000, an unbelievable sight and one I will never forget. It makes us really appreciate the opportunity we have!


Signing off,

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