Hi All

Today was similar to yesterday with an early breakfast and then training at the “globe”. Coach Tim Miller pulled on the court shoes to fill the empty spot in a our practice game. He sweated it out with some great run-ins (see picture above).

Jazz has been doing his best to be super friendly to everyone on the team, and after his little cuddle in bed with Cam last night (they are real close now) Jazz thought that giving me a hug while I was taking a free pass was a great idea! Problem was I wasn’t expecting it, and he came flying in at a hundred mile an hour and from a metre above me resulting in me being slammed to the floor with the biggest Jazz hug I never needed.

Next we had our team meeting where Tim opened by opening up his toe with a chair. To his credit, he soldiered on without a beat and minimal amputation and tetanus jokes.

The message today was simple: relax and enjoy the game.

Lunch was next and a bit of shopping across the road at a local shopping centre. Krissy found me a great chocolate pudding 😋

Game time and we boarded our bus with 3 guards armed with auto weapons protecting our route to the bus 😳 We made it to the stadium without a problem to see the second half of the England🇬🇧 vs Japan🇯🇵 game. We will meet one of these 2 teams tomorrow depending on our result.

The game vs Hungary 🇭🇺 didn’t go so well. We had moments of great play without the reward and unfortunately the gap grew too big to peg back. But we can hold our heads up and say that we put in all that we could.

Back to the hotel for dinner and showers.

Tomorrow we have Japan 🇯🇵 and I look forward to seeing us bounce back with true Aussie fight.

Thanks to everyone back home for your support.

Good night from us all here in Durban 🇿🇦