Dear Diary,


Today we had a very early start. We had all packed our bags and headed off on the next part of our journey. First we caught the bus to the train station then we caught the train to the airport, where the final Chocomels were consumed.


Unfortunately our flight was delayed so we had to wait around for a while. But lucky for us our next flight was on the same plane. So we hopped off then hopped back on after a quick snack break.
After arriving at Wroclaw we got off the plane and headed to the baggage claim. Some of the team got their bags early. But the rest of us continued to watch the emptying conveyer belt. We were then approached by a lady who asked the dreaded question ‘how many bags are you missing?’. They misplaced 8 of our bags, mine being one of those. We then had to fill out all the necessary paper work and hope and pray that those 8 bags will find their way back to us.


We then made our way to the accommodation where we were all registered and assigned rooms. Next was dinner and on the menu was lasagna. It was delicious. It was pretty awesome seeing all the other countries and sports all around the town. We then stopped past the supermarket for supplies as there was still no news of luggage. We then headed for bed after a very long day.


Here’s a poem I wrote for our awesome team 🙂


Jessica May is the most experienced on the team
She is super fast and never runs out of steam
Next is Jess Phillips who is really tall
She is always smiling and one of the best at korfball
Gracie Cullen is number four
She uses her awesome skill and speed to score
Patrick ‘the Tapir’ Branford may be small
But he is the fastest of us all
Dave Scroggs, he’s my bestie
He is a good leader and is always contesting
Jessica Crispe is next on the list
She is a great shot and can never miss
Joshua Berney, he can sing
And in korfball he can do anything
Daniel Phillips is number eleven
His shot and his moves are just like heaven
One of my favourites is Joshy P
He is a good rebounder and is our tree
Now for Adam or Robbo who has a great beard
He is an amazing player and should be feared
Next is one of the best, Ash
She can beat anyone she is up against in a flash
And then there’s Heather, she’s our mother
She keeps us in line and makes sure we look after one another
Craig is the Ass. Coach
He gives us guidance and support when we need it most
And finally the head coach Phil
He pushes us to our limits and tells us to kill
This is our Australian Korfball Team
Don’t underestimate us because we’re better than we seem

That’s all from me folks

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