Dear diary,


Today is Tuesday the 18th of July its been a beautiful day outside sunny and 27 with 17 hours of sun light and no rain (sorry for those in Adelaide reading I know it’s been cold and wet). The boys started the morning as usual with a few coffees and breakfast outside of the Wageningen club rooms which is where we have been sleeping the last few nights as our billets went away camping with their kids who are on summer holidays.


Today was our last training session in Netherlands before we fly out to Poland tomorrow morning, starting out with a bit of a twist. Dave Scroggs donning a few new tops which happened to be The Tapir’s (Patrick Branford if you haven’t been reading the last few players blog) his black training top and gold playing top which he should have worn the night before at DVO but couldn’t find anywhere. Lucky for him team manager Heather found them in his suitcase late last night but thought of the idea of Dave to wear them in this morning. It took patty a few minutes to recognise Dave was wearing his tops even after they took a few shots together.


After a good laugh as a team Phil and Craig announced the teams captain for the World Games and they decided to have co captains this year, congratulation to Jess May and Dave Scroggs you guys will do an awesome job.


The training was always going to be light after having 2 big days with games against Germany and DVO and also the training session with Wim. We just did some light shooting trying to score as many consecutive goals at different ranges. Then onto some drills with moving screens and making a few plays off them. Last of all we went through our couple of set plays to make sure we knew how they all worked and fine tuning before heading over to Poland. As always we finished the session with a game of bump and the winner was….. now back to back to back champ Dave Scroggs who is now calling himself the GOAT of bump and ran around celebrating his win with his shirt off.


We didn’t have an afternoon training session so we all went off in groups some going into town for lunch while others caught a train out to Nijmegen with Adam coming home looking like a tomato after a day in the sun. I went back to one of the houses some of the team were staying at and whipped a few of the boys butts in a few games NBA 2K.


Now time to pack our bags and get an early night for our 5ish alarm maybe with a few snoozes for our big day of travel tomorrow.


Peace out readers


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