It was our day off! The morning started as it always does, with my favourite meal of the day, breakfast. Let me tell you, the scones here are bloody amazing 🤤

We decided that for our day off we would spend the morning at a game reserve park, so we didn’t get as much of a sleep in as some of us would have liked as we had to leave the hotel at 8.30am. All but one of us got on the bus heading to Tala Game Reserve, unfortunately Jazz was up all night not feeling well after his curry dinner, so stayed back to recover, we definitely missed him but enjoyed the photos he sent of himself all alone in the hallway (a common gathering spot) and in his room. At Tala we were driven around the reserve in an open top car, we got to see plenty of zebras, rhinos, ostriches, etc, sadly didn’t see the hippos though. Tim managed to spot the 35 giraffes that the park rangers hadn’t been able to find all morning! Tim also found a few warthogs hanging around the back of the restaurant, so we got to see Pumba! After this it was an hour drive back to our hotel, with a brief pit stop at a spring along the side of the road where we all tried the water, putting out faith in our guide that it wasn’t tainted. A few of us took the drive back as an opportunity to get in a quick nap.

Once back we had lunch, so far lunch has been fairly average for me as their vego options are nearly non-existent, today was on the better side of average (hotdogs, so mine was a salad sandwich). After lunch some of us went for a walk to buy snacks and water (vital stuff), on the way Andrew was shat on by a bird and on the way back Amy was hit on by a 12 yr old boy, so pretty adventurous! Once back nearly all of us watched the Czech v Catalonia game on the big screen as a bit of prep for our game tomorrow.

Then it was dinner time and once again I was disappointed, dinner is just as average as lunch for me, and tonight’s was mostly leftovers from lunch and the standard rice options, so another salad sandwich for me 😑 I was very sad eating this meal 😔

After dinner was an incredibly long game of UNO and then the team meeting, getting back into tournament mode 👊👊

That’s all from me, thank you for all the support, keep it up! 💚💛💚💛