Today started a bit differently as we trained before our big match against Taipei. This meant that we had to have an early breakfast. This did not go down well between our two slow risers (Nik & Jeff) with Tim making no negotiations for the two boys 😴. Training session went well for most, allowing us to try out a few different combos within the squad. Unfortunately we did see our first injury!!! 😥

We made our way back to the hotel to shower and eat before departing again to the stadium! We were all pumped to play one of the best countries in the world. It was an exciting time as Cameron, Greg and Amy (pictured above) stepped foot onto the world stage for the first time! It was an exciting game with a huge atmosphere. Chinese Taipei shipped over an entire cheer squad out matching ours 10 to 1. No worries though as Bethan’s parents bribed a huge group of locals with lollies to rival their numbers, evening up the playing field. The game went to plan and everyone left with a grin on their face and a new found appreciation for the game. 💪

As a team we decided to stay and watch the Ireland v Poland game. It was an intense game with a surprise lead by the Irish. A make shift half time show saw us observing the native monkeys outside the stadium. Back to the game and unfortunately Ireland could not hold onto that lead losing on a buzzer beater to Poland 😲. The results so far see us finishing in 3rd position in our pool.

We arrived back at our hotel and headed to the pool via the bar first 🍻. With a quick celebration and a very chilly recovery session in the pool we returned to our rooms to shower and prepare for dinner.

Now for what we have been all been waiting for the daily Jazz story!!! Upon returning the wheelchair used to transport our injured players, Jazz decided to sit in it for the ride down the elevator. As the elevator doors opened he was greeted by a guest of the hotel. Instead of getting out of the chair at this point he committed to the chair. The elevator got to the ground floor. The doors opened and there was a crowd of International Korfballers waiting to get in. They all rushed to Jazz’s aid when they saw him struggling to operate the wheelchair. He managed to convince a Belgium player to push him to the reception desk. Jazz then returned to the elevator using his two working legs only to be greeted again by the now confused lady from the lift. Awkward… 😬

No meeting tonight as all teams have a rest day tomorrow. I wont give you any spoilers about the adventures that we have planned. You will have to tune in tomorrow to find out!

Night all! xoxo