Alright I’m going to talk about all the important stuff in my diary entry- food.

First we woke up and had breakfast, some dined at the hotel and others made do with super market goodies, I personally had some yogurt and cereal, delicious.

We then had a team meeting and afterwards we had a stretch session.

Then it was snack time! (Woohoo more food!). A few stopped to get coffees while the smarter of the bunch headed to Baskin and Robins for some ice cream. Some went the triple scoop (what a great idea!) unfortunately I wasn’t that brave and just went the double; with a scoop of cookies and cream and a scoop of chopped chocolate.

We then arrived back at the hotel where we then planned our next meals – it was almost lunch time. No one could decide, so we went for a walk to see if something would inspire us. Some were inspired by McDonald’s and KFC. However Gracie and myself thought we would put culinary skills to the test and we got our groceries from the local supermarket. We put together two magnificent sandwiches with ham, cheese, lettuce and the famous Japanese kewpie mayonnaise. Delicious.

With full bellies we decided it was a great time for a pre game nap.

Then we awoke super pumped for our next game. We had our usual meeting before we left the hotel for our game against Macau.

But what will we eat between the game and catching the bus back for dinner!? Lucky Gracie and I planned ahead and we packed some delicious chocolate cake that we had purchased from the supermarket.

We then played Macau who put up a great fight in the first half. But we were able to come out on top victorious. After a tough game we were starving (lucky we packed the cake!).

We then caught the bus back to our hotel and had showers ready for the best part of the day – dinner. Again we went with the tactic of roaming the streets for something to inspire us. This is where we came across our mates the Kiwis. Their coach recommended a place around the corner, so that’s where we headed. We all ordered, some got their food super early while the rest of us played the waiting game (the worst kind of game). Everyone else got their meals, except those of us that ordered pizza- how long does it take to cook a pizza guys! Finally ours came out, but true to Japanese culture they were very small serves. Thankfully Phil and Joshy P had our backs and ordered some onion rings. After dinner a few of us were still a bit peckish so we stopped at Mickey D’s for some soft serves. What a way to end the night!

That’s all from me, bring on Taipei tomorrow and more food!