What a day what a day.

The day started for me at about 8:06 when I headed down to breakfast with Jeffrey. Jeffrey and I managed to work out a special deal with Tim to extend our breakfast deadline by 15 minutes, as long as we make it down by 8:15 we don’t get in trouble, we made it by 8:13 😏. After breakfast everyone did what they needed to do to get ready for the game then we headed off for a very important game against Ireland.

I’m not sure if everyone was feeling calm or just hiding the nerves but things felt good in the lead up to the game, we went through our pregame meeting then went out for our warmup. We thought we nailed our anthem until Ireland blew us out of the water, with even the referees joining in on the swaying 🤣 buuuuuuuuuut that was okay because we won!!! It was a tough game but we held on with some strong defense and some good rebounding.

Later on, about half the team decided to head to one of the stadiums to watch some games for the day, while a few of us just chilled out for a while. Zac, Jeffrey and myself decided to go for a little walk and got some food which was pretty tasty 😋

A lot of us were very keen to watch China v Suriname so Em, Zac, Jeffrey and myself ordered an Uber to go join the others at the stadium, and my goodness that Uber was an experience. See it seems the road rules don’t apply like they do back home and cars just squeeze into any small gap they can fit into, and lanes don’t seem to matter. Our driver utilised a fire engine that had its siren going to run a red light and almost clean up a pedestrian who was crossing the road! We thankfully made it to the stadium to join the others for what turned out to be an awesome game which China eventually won in golden goal 👀

Jazz decided to cause a big fuss on the bus which got us all kicked off so we had to wait for them to organise another bus for us, but we managed to make it home and everyone finally got to enjoy some dinner.

That’s all from me fam, much love and keep up all the support, it’s definitely not going unnoticed xxx