After having to wait that extra day to get to play, it was finally time to play our first game, only we had to wait until the final time slot too.

With so much time before our game the day was pretty cruisey. After breakfast we had a cheeky meeting to discuss the plan for how we wanted to play and this is where I was informed that I would be captain for the first game. As you can imagine my big head got a lil’ bit bigger. After this we dispersed and just chilled out for a while, then met down in the foyer to head to lunch. For lunch we decided to head to a food court in some shopping centre where we were able to pick and choose what we wanted, and they had a Krispy Kreme so some of us treated ourselves to a nice after lunch snack.

Back from lunch now and we had more time to relax and get ourselves ready for the game, I had a shower, don’t know about anyone else :). One final meeting before heading down to the bus and we were off, tunes blaring while Josh Berney serenaded us with his angelic voice.

Arrived at the stadium where we were able to sit and support our New Zealand friends for a little bit before we headed down to get changed and prepare. While the rest of the team was warming up I headed over to do the coin toss. I got to choose which side of the coin I wanted it to land on and for some reason I chose the wrong side so we lost, my bad. Regardless of that we had a good warmup which I think helped settle a few nerves, then it was onto the player intros and then finally, our first game. Everyone played some really good Korfball and we almost had everyone score at least one goal, so it was a great way for us to start the tournament.

Got back to the hotel and as soon as our phones found the wifi all the messages of support started rolling in which was awesome to see and it’s great knowing we have so many watching and cheering us on back home. Finished the evening by heading out to grab a quick dinner, now it’s time to rest and prepare for our second game.

Thanks for reading, much love,